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o Fuculty of Engineering (Unofficial, and made by KISO Lab.)


o Matsumoto

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o Economics (Japanese only)
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o Medicine

o Nagano


o Ueda

oTextile Science and Technology (Japanese Only)

o Ina


Servers of Other Schools

o Nagano-ken

o Nagano University
o Nagano Prefectural Institute of Technology
o Science University of Tokyo, Suwa College
o Nagano National College of Technology
o Nagano College of Nursing (Japanese only)
o Matsusho Gakuen Junior College
o Shinonoi-nishi Junior High School
o Okaya Hokubu Junior High School (Japanese only)
o Miasa Junior High School (Japanese only)
o Matsumoto Institute of Technology (Japanese only)

o School List in Japan

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