Zenkoji Temple

From olden times, Zenkoji Temple has not belonged to any particular denomination making it an unusual temple attracting followers from all over the country.

It dates back to about the 8th century and within the grounds of its precincts are countless monuments and buildings with legends of lore locked inside. Among these include the Hondo (the largest temple architecture in Eastern Japan), Sanmon, Kyozo, Chureiden, etc. To the east of the temple are the Joyama Park, known for its cherry blossoms, and the Shinano and Higashiyama art museums.

Motoyoshi-cho 491, Nagano-City 380         TEL: 026(234)3591

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Zenkoji-Nippon-Chureiden, Kyozo, Office, Zenkoji-Hondo, Sinran-Seizinzo, Bell Tower, Daikanjin, Hosyo-Ike, San-Mon, Nure-Botoke, Six-jizo, Niomon, Daihongan

Video Clippings of Zenkoji

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1. To Nio-Mon

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2. To San-Mon

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3. To Zenkoji Hondo

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