Mechanized Mathematics and Its Applications
Volume 6, Number 1, 2007

Table of Contents

  1. On the Formalization of Linear Operators
    by Noboru Endou and Yasunari Shidama
  2. The Fashoda Meet Theorem and Its Variants
    by Jaroslaw Kotowicz
  3. The Urysohn Lemma
    by Jozef Bialas and Yatsuka Nakamura
  4. A Proof of the Jordan Curve Theorem via the Brouwer Fixed Point Theorem
    by Artur Kornilowicz
  5. Formalization of the Tietze Extension Theorem in Mizar
    by Adam Naumowicz
  6. Towards a Coherent Repository of Knowledge
    by Adam Grabowski
  7. Some Special Sequences of Points on a Plane
    by Mariusz Giero and Roman Matuszewski

(Last updated: October 2007)