Mechanized Mathematics and Its Applications
Volume 2, 2002

Table of Contents

  1. Algebraic Requirements for the Construction of Polynomial Rings
    by Robert Milewski and Christoph Schwarzweller
  2. Basic Elements of Computer Algebra in MIZAR
    by Adam Naumowicz and Czesław Byliński
  3. Development of LSI Circuit for RSA Cryptograms
    by Yoshinori Fujisawa and Yasushi Fuwa
  4. Lim-inf Convergence and its Compactness
    by Grzegorz Bancerek, Noboru Endou, and Yasunari Shidama
  5. State Machines of Calculating Type and Their Correctness
    by Hisayoshi Kunimune and Yasushi Fuwa

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