Mechanized Mathematics
and Its Applications

- A publication of Mizar JAPAN -

Mechanized Mathematics and Its Applications (ISSN 1345-8272) publishes papers which report the interpretation and/or application of a wide variety of mathematical concepts contained in articles verified by the Mizar proof-checking system (for information on Mizar, see The papers are meant to complement Mizar articles by providing expositions of the usefulness of the results, insights, broad developments, or specific applications of the propositions.

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MMA 2009

Editorial Board

Yatsuka Nakamura (Chairman)
Professor, Shinshu University
Nagano, Japan
Andrzej Trybulec
Senior Lecturer, University of Bialystok
Bialystok, Poland
Yoshiko Kubo
Professor, Japan Women's University
Tokyo, Japan
Makoto Tsukada
Professor, Toho University
Chiba, Japan
Piotr Rudnicki
Professor, University of Alberta
Alberta, Canada


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