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I believe that mastering a foreign language is best done by living among native speakers as early as possible and learning in a natural way.

However, for people like myself who are already grown adults,this method is not always possible. If I could just put myself in the shoes of a baby born in the country whose language I am trying to learn and listen to the words a mother there would use, I believe I could learn that language more instinctively. A mother's words may be short and simple, but by listening to those words over and over again, I believe that it may be possible to learn the rhythm.

When a human being enters the world, the first sounds he/she hears and absorbs are the words from his/her mother,but these words are not written down very much in literature. From the standpoint above however, such words are unmistakably of utmost importance in any language. I believe that there are others who probably feel the same way I do and have an interest in the Japanese language as well. For those people, we have prepared a Japanese version of "A Mother's Words" and present it here. The baby starring in our production is Haruna, the daughter of Mr. Shimizu, a doctorate candidate student in my laboratory. The mother is Mr. Shimizu's darling wife, Sanae.

If this type of language media works is available from other countries, I would definitely like to learn from them the words of other countries. With all said and done,tell me, is there anyone willing to create your country's version for us now?

Dr. Yatsuka Nakamura

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