Kotoba !!(JAPANESE)

Let's talk it.(1.6MB) What? Are you hungry?(1.6MB)

You are a glad smile.(1.6MB) You are good.(1.6MB)

Let's sing a song.(1.6MB) Are you sleepy?(1.6MB)

Good morning.(1.4MB) Do you get up?(1.4MB)

You look lucky.(1.4MB) I am a joyful.(1.4MB)

Let's sleep.(1.4MB) Please look at this.(1.4MB)

Please do not cry.(1.4MB) You look tired.(1.4MB)

Wait for a minute.(1.4MB)

Do you have a fearful dream?(1.4MB) What do you say?(1.4MB)

Is there something?(1.4MB) You are clean after the bath.(1.4MB)

Do you play it.(1.4MB) What is that?(1.4MB)

OK?(1.4MB) Please listen my words.(1.4MB)

Today is warm.(1.4MB) I am away from home.You are home.(1.4MB)

You sleep.(1.4MB) You are lucky.(1.4MB)

What do you do?(1.4MB) Do you have an enjoy time?(1.4MB)

Be quiet.(1.4MB) Today is clear up.(1.4MB)

You get hurt.(1.4MB) Oh!(1.4MB)

Do you want to touch the this point?(1.4MB) Sorry.(1.4MB)

Do you want to drink a milk. (1.4MB) Eat a lunch.(1.4MB)

Look at that.(1.4MB) Do you get tired?(1.4MB)

It is funny.(1.4MB) It is great so much.(1.4MB)

It turn round.(1.4MB)