This original book was improved and edited by Watanabe and Tanaka based on the lectures by Nakamura on Sep.5th, 1992 at Shinshu University.
    Mizar of those days was based on the version 3.29, and some part of it was based on the Mizar version 4.09.
   The contents of this book are the 4th edition based on the version 6.1.12 which is the latest version as of June, 2002 through the revised edition which is referring to the Mizar version 5.2.12, and the 3rd edition which is referring to the version 5.3.06.
    Please note that Mizar versions are frequently updated.



[1] Ewa Bonarska (Olgierd Wojtasiewicz English Translation, Roman Matuszewski Edition), An Introduction to PC Mizar, Fondation Philippe le Hodey, 1990