8.2 Preparation for Registration

After checking for all the improvements in an article, MIZ2ABS is exectured next.
When MIZ2ABS is executed, itis accommodated first. And then, the file for referring that article is made from one's article (.MIZ file), and only Theorem and Definition are picked out to make the abstract file (.ABS file). In addition, when MIZ2PREL is executed to make that article referable, it copies the necessary file into one's directory.

      Command used after revision

      MIZ2ABS    Makes abstract files.
      MIZ2PREL   Copies files so that the article can be seen.

    In addition, when the article is cited, names of authors, their unit, their address, and references are written in normal sentences and made into a .BIB file. Please refer to a sample called example.bib in DOC directory.
    The article is created with the process above and is sent to the Mizar Society on a floppy disk (for example). If this article is good enough, it will be accepted and an acceptance notice will be sent. When it is accepted, it will be automatically translated into English and will be published in the Formalized Mathematics magazine.
    Besides, it us also sent to mml@mizar.uwb.edu.pl by using the attachment function of e-mail etc. Please refer to the method of submitting by e-mail in Appendix C.3.

Note 1): When we want to quote a certain paper in SUMMERY, we write /cite {A1} in a sentence. We write the paper name into the space of REFERENCES independently, and give a code called A1.
Note 2): Although PRESENTER in it means the major personalities of the referee of a pape, this space will be left blank.