7.3 Mizar System

In case of the MS-DOS version, the Mizar system is made in Mizar C:\MIZAR; however, ABSTR is an important directory among these. ABSTR is an abbreviation of ABSTRact and this directory holds the abstract files that have been created up to this point in time. BOOLE.ABS and TARSKI.ABS are examples of these. When an article is written, files in here are read often.
    There are the following as other directories.
    In PREL, files that are used for viewing an article registered in the Mizar library are placed.
    In MML, MIZ files (with detailed proof) of a library are installed in MML.
    In DOC, readme file of this Mizar system, document files that are used for registering to the library, and other Mizar-related documents are installed.
    Mizar's various commands are placed directly in C:\MIZAR.
    Similarly, in case of the Linux version, as written also by the explanation of the installation procedure of 7.2, various commands of Mizar are installed in /usr/local/bin. In addition, the directories of ABSTR, PREL, or MML are made under /usr/local/share/mizar, DOC is made under /usr/local/doc/mizar, and files are installed there.