7.1.2 Linux Version

We can use Mizar of the Linux version, installing to the hard disk drive of an AT compatible with the Pentium processor of Intel where Linux is installed (Mizar system runs on Linux with kernels 2.0.x, 2.2.x and 2.4.x). The free area of about 80 M bytes of hard disk drive is required. Here, we explain the stream which a Practice Environment builds from the archive file (for example, mizar-6.1.11_3.33.722-linux.tar) of Mizar to PC.
    We create a directory (for example "work" on its own home directory) in a space of the hard disk drive, and save the archive file of Mizar there.
    And we change a current directory into the directory to which we saved the archive file of Mizar previously.
    Then, we extract the archive file of Mizar by the tar command. If # is a prompt, we enter the following.

      # tar xvf mizar-6.1.12_3.35.723-linux.tar

    A shell script file for installation called install is in the extracted files, we install Mizar by using this as follows.

      # ./install

    By default, the executable file of Mizar is installed in /usr/local/bin, the shared file of Mizar is tinstalled in /usr/local/share/mizar and the document file of Mizar is installed in /usr/local/doc/mizar. Therefore, it is necessary to do this work by the user who has a permission of writing to these directories when installing.
    We can also install them to directories other than a default directory. In this case, we start the shell script for installation first, and specify a directory interactively on a screen during installation.
    After the installment is finished, please check that the directories of the executable files of Mizar which have been installed are included in PATH of a system. If it is a default case, we can check that /usr/local/bin is contained in PATH by entering as follows.

     # echo $PATH

    When not contained, after adding the following one line to .bashrc (in the case of bash),

     export PATH=/usr/local/bin

we enter the following command and add /usr/local/bin to a command search path.

     # source ~/.bashrc

    Besides, when the executable file of Mizar is installed in directories other than default, it goes without saying that this directory is set to PATH.
    Next, we set the directory of the installation place of shared file of Mizar to an environment variable MIZFILES.
    To be more precise, when the installation place of Mizar is set to /usr/local/share/mizar,after adding the following one line to .bashrc (in the case of bash),

     export MIZFILES=/usr/local/share/mizar

we enter the following command.

     # source ~/.bashrc

    Besides, since these are explained in detail in the file called README made by extracting the archive file of Mizar, please refer to if needed.