7.1.1 MS-DOS Version

We can use Mizar of the MS-DOS version, installing to the hard disk drive of the AT compatible under the Windows 9x/2000/NT operating system. Besides, the free area of about 75 M bytes of hard disk drive is required. Here, we explain the stream which a Practice Environment builds from the archive file (for example, mizar-6.1.11_3.33.722-win32.exe) of Mizar to PC of Windows 98 whose hard disk drive is C drive.
    We create a directory in a space of the hard disk drive (for example, C:\work etc.), and save the archive file of Mizar there.
    We start an MS-DOS prompt from the start menu of Windows, and turn it English mode by the us command. And we change a current directory into the directory to which we saved the archive file of Mizar previously.
    Since the archive file of Mizar is a self-extracting file, we input the file name of the acquired file as follows, and uncompresses it.


    A batch file for installation called INSTALL.BAT is in the uncompressed files, we install Mizar by using this as follows.

     C:\work>INSTALL .\ C:\MIZAR

    Although C:\MIZAR is the directory where the system of Mizar is installed, we can also specify other drives and other directory names. The commands of Mizar are installed by this batch file, further, directories are created automatically and MIZ files, abstract files made until now are installed there.
    After the installment is finished, C:\MIZAR is need to be added to the path. In addition, when it is specified except C:\MIZAR as the directory of the installation place of Mizar, we set the directory of the installation place of Mizar to the environment variable MIZFILES of a system.

    To be more precise, when the installation place of Mizar is set to C:\MIZAR, we add the following one line to autoexec.bat, and reboot the PC.


    By the way, when PATH already has been set to an autoexec.bat file like the following example,


we use the semicolon and add the directory of Mizar to PATH as follows.


    Moreover, when the installation place of Mizar is set to D:\MIZAR of the hard disk drive of D drive for example, we add the following two lines to autoexec.bat and reboot the PC.


    Besides, since these are explained in detail in the file called readme.txt made by uncompressing the archive file of Mizar, please refer to if needed.