C.5 Formalized Mathematics

When the Mizar articles are accepted, they are automatically translated into English theses and are placed in Formalized Mathematics. This is published from the Warsaw University Bialystok Branch several times per year. Up until the end of 1998, a total of 7 volumes have been published, all articles registered into the Mizar library are entered in these volumes as an English paper.
    For more information about Formalized Mathematics, please contact the following.

    Fondation for Information Technology
    Logic and Mathematics
    Krochmalna 3/917
    00-864 Warsaw

    Fax: +48(85) 745.74.78
    E-mail: romat@mizar.org

    Formal name of Formalized Mathematics:

    Formalized Mathematics,
    Edited by Warsaw University-Bialystok Branch,
    Roman Matuszewaki.
    ISSN 1426-2630.