Usuki, Natsume (Container for powdered thin tea)

 Containers for usucha(powdered thin tea) are generically called usuki. Natsume is a sort of usuki,and is generally used. It is named after jujube,a plant. And it is classified into Dai-natsume,Chu-natsume,sho-natsume.Shinnuri,coated by Kuro-urushi(black-lacquered) are regarded as regular, but in Edo era,natsume which has makie(gold-lacquered) has started to be made. Besides natsume,some ceramic manufactures are used as usuki.

 Nakatsugi  It is cylindrical,and its joint of lid is in the middle of body.
 Kouaka   It has red lid and black body.
 Yukifuki  Its edges of the lid and the bottom are similarly filed off.
 Mentori   It has flat lid and its edge is filed off.
 Konrinzi  Godaigo-Tenno(the Emperor)is said to be like it at the Yoshino Konrinzi Temple.

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