Chashaku (teascoop)

@The chashaku is a sort of a spoon to scoop the powdered green tea. It is made of ivory,bamboo,mulberry,maple tree,cherry tree,ume tree and so on. The chashaku made of ivory or jointless bamboo is called shin-no-chashaku(a chashaku in formal use). The chashaku made of mulberry or bamboo with joint in Kiritome is called gyo-no-chashaku(a chashaku in semiformal use). The chashaku made of bamboo with joint in the middle,or a wood except mulberry is so-no-chashaku(a chashaku in informal use). The old chajin(a man who is accomplished in tea ceremony) and busho(general) made the chashaku for themselves,and name it its own name,called mei.

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