The Temae of Furo

The mizusasi display in center, and a usuchaki display in center of Tenban.

1.Place the chawan in front of you, open the sadouguchi(host's entrance) and make a bow.

<temae begins>

2.Sit in center of the dougu-datami, place the chawan to the position away from the guests and take down the natsume in front of the utensil stand.

3.Place the chaki and the chawan in front of the utensil stand.

4.Leave the mizuya(preparation room), hold the kensui(waste-water receptacle) and enter, close the sadouguchi.

5.Place the futaoki(lid rest) and the hishaku(ladle), correct the izumai, and raise the kensui to hizanarabi.


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