Sen Rikyu

He was born in Imaichi-cho in Sakai in 1522.He was Yohee Tanaka's son. It is thought that his family name was "Tanaka" and "Sen" was his alias at first. In 1535,he,was Yosirou by name,appeared on record.

At first,He took lessons of chagi,tea manner,under Doutin Kitano who was tea person of the Nouami school. After that,he apprrenticed himself Syouou Takeno and took lessons of the Syukouschool of chagi. At this time,he is 19 years old.

By the way, his name "Rikyu" is kozigou used as a guardian of Hideyosi Toyotomi in the tea gathering ,which was opend in return present for appointed Kanpaku ,in the Imperial Palace ,on October 1585.

Immediately after the repression of Japan of Hideyosi,he aroused Hideyosi and commited hatakiri. It is on February 28 ,1591.

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