History of Tea Ceremony

Source of Tea Ceremony
The originatator of the tea ceremony is called Rikuu(733-804). he is famous as the first master of sado,Tea ceremony, in the world. He wrote tyakyou.

Start of having tea manners in Japan
In the 11 century,Japanese student,who went Tang,came back. They carry the seed of tea home. It is start of drinkng tea. However, the seed did't grow up and sad became weak.
However, the seed of the tea which Eisai,was bonze, took home from China becomes the Kamakura first stage and is passed by Kyuushuu by Meikei,was bonze, in Uji back, grows up well in the favor with a good locality of Uji, and becomes the radical of famous Uji tea as for the start.
Afterwards,Eisai wrote "Kissayouzyouki",mean having tea to care . The understanding of from this thing,tea was drug at first.

When Syukou,was bonze, appeared in the Higashiyama age of the Muromachi middle term and the road of tea master was established,tea manner changed from a luxurious thing to a composed thing. Moreover,tea manner ,which was solemnity ,of the Nouami,who was Syukou's senior and served the eight Muromachi general Yosimasa ,school was used in the ceremony of the upper-class society of the court nobles and the military families. And then,large tea master named Syouou Takeno which falls on the favorite pupil of Syukou in the wars age of the Muromachi latter appeared and Rikyu ,who was Syouou's pupil in his later years,succeed Syouou and tea manner of the court nobles and the military families.Then,tea manner of the Nouami school was falling down.

present age
The sect incessantly succeeds the will by a lot of sects including three Senke of Omote-Senke,Ura-Senke,Musyanokouzi-Senke,will have been arriving soon now at the time of passed of Rikyu born about 470 years.

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