What is a Kanji?

A Chinese character (Kanji) is an ideography character made in China.A Chinese character expresses one word with one character in principle.Reading of a Chinese character has phonetic reading(On-yomi) and reading in the Japanese pronunciation (Kun-yomi).
Phonetic reading is the reading of the Chinese character performed in Japan based on the pronunciation in China.
Reading in the Japanese pronunciation is that to which Japanese which is equivalent to the meaning of a Chinese character was fixed as reading of the Chinese character.
The Chinese character is used in China, the Republic of Korea, and Japan now.


Types of Kanji

Shokei Moji : The character which modeled the form of a thing.
For example,

kawa / river ki / tree yama / mountain

Shiji Moji : The character expressed with the figure or the sign.
For example,

ue / up shita / down

Kaii Moji : The character which combined the meaningful Chinese character.
For example,

mori / forest higashi / east

Keisei Moji : The character which combined a meaning and reading.
For example,

kawa / river umi / sea

Tenchu Moji :The character showing other meanings.
For example,

raku / comfort

Kasha Moji : The character which borrows only reading.