e Tukimi dango etc

s Aug. 15th and Sept. 13th according to the old

The function of "Jyuugoya"(The night of a full moon)originated from China.
In Heian period it was introduced to Japan. People composed Poem(Tanka, Haiku) and play the ceremonial Court music(Gagaku)in the moon viewing feast of court.
IN Edo period the function of "Jyuugoya" became more popular. Make offering dumpling(Tukimidango), green soybeans, taro, persimmon, and Japanese pampas grass etc to the moon.
"Jyuugoya" was called Tyuusyuu no meigetu(the harvest moon), Imo meigetu. Peaple mainly offerd and ate a taro. And "Jyuusanya"was called uNoti no meigetuv,uMame meigetuv.Peaple offerd a green soybeans.
In the present time, mainly offer a dumpling(Tukimi dango).