the winter solstice

FOOD Pumpkin

 TIME Late in December

 The winter solstice is the day which the daytime is shortest. The sun pass onto orbit of southernmost. After this day the daytime become longer and longer.
 In most of the world the winter solstice is thought to be the birthday of the sun. This is related to the New Year's Day and Christmas. We have a habit of eating a pumpkin, a rice gruel and a konnyaku( paste made from arum root ).
 In some district it was said that if you eat 7 kinds of food which have "n" in the end of the name such as "mikan( an orange )" and "Renkon( a lotus root )", you become happy.
 We have a habit of take a yuzu orange bath and of eat a pumpkin and a carrot for prevention against cold.