Food Toshikoshi-Soba (soba during New Year's season)
Date December 31

Toshikoshi-Soba ,a custom from the middle of the Edo Period, became natural at some areas in the end of Edo Period.


Recently soba is a kind of grain or noodle, but noodle soba was called sobakiri in the Edo Period.

It is said that Yunan,China is the origin of grain soba, but in Japan it has already grown in the Nara Period. people has eaten buckwheat early,but now there is soba-rice in mountain village in Tokushima Pref. And there is "muki-soba" in Yamagata Pref. This is boiled buckwheat in stock with salt until husk break a little, dried on a straw mat then threshed.

when people became eat soba such as a sobagaki and a sobamochi made from buckwheat flower, and there was soba-kiri in Keicho Era (1596-1615).

SOBA SHOP around the Nagano station