Food mame(beans), iwasi(sardine)

Time Feb. 3rd

In "setubun"(the day before the beginning of spring). People scatter the beans as speak [onihasoto fukuwauti].
Long time ago, an Oni (Japanese ogre) alive in Mt kurama. People was afraid of a Oni because Oni roughed people. One day Oni attack the city. People throw many roast beans at the Oni. And people against the Oni and lost his eye.
In Heian period, people did "setubun" in last day of the year. In muromati period, scatter the beans at feblaly.and they ate the beans by number of age.
Oni of [onihasoto] represent badly that cold, illness, misfortune, etc. according to calendar next day is spring."setubun" implied to drive badly away in greet the spring.
In local, sometime put up head of sardine on the entrance. and eat it.You grill sardine then very smell. And this smell drive the Oni away.