FOOD  HISI-MOTI (rhombus rice cake),
YOMOGI-MOTI (rice cake contain mugwort),
SHIRO-SAKE (white sake),clam
TIME Mar. 3rd

 "HINAMATSURI" in Mar. 3rd come into after in TENSYOU.
In EDO period, Mar. 3rd is decided one of the "GOSEKKU" and "HINAMATSURI" is observed in the Shogunate, in Dainmyou, and incivilian.
The origin of "HINAMATSURI" is not clear. But putted "HINAASOBI" in Mar. HEIAN period and purification in Mar. came from China together and started.
"HINAASOBI" is observed in the upper class in HEIAN period. It was playing house for girls.
And purification was offering food for doll and floating it.
Therefore in the outdated the doll is simple and made from paper or straw.
Gradually, it is expencive and gorgeos. It was decorated on stand and offered food.