When the universe began to move for the first time,all gods in threepillars who had appeared Takaamanohara hid the body as a one person god.Next,the god in two pillars who had come to be young the ground world,  and to be light and to drift also hid the body as a one person god.There are Izanagi and younger sister Izanami in this gods. 

 The god said to two gods(Izanagi and Izanami),"Govern this country which can drift,  and complete", and gave the halberd of the gem garnish.They stired the sea water with the halberd and pulled up.Then,the salt dripped the halberd ahead accumulated and became an island.This is Onugoro island.Izanagi and Izanami married on Onogoro island.  

   Two gods put up the "Amanomihashira" in the island,and put up the "Yahirodono".
The god asked the goddess,"Can your body be made like what?".The goddess was answered,"My body was gradually in order,but there is one part not in order on my body." 

 The god said, "My body was gradually in order too,but there is an extra part on my body. so I think that I fill your lacking part with my extra part,and establish the country." then the goddess answered,"That's good idea." 

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