Managing the standalone daemon

If you are using a ServerType of inetd, you do not need to read these instructions.

If you make any changes to httpd's configuration files, you must restart the server. To do so, you will need to know where the server has logged its process id, given by the server configuration directive PidFile.

If pidfile is the setting of PidFile for your server, to restart the daemon execute the following on the command line:

kill -1 `cat pidfile`

This will restart the daemon.

You should now check to see if the daemon restarted successfully. Check the last line of the server's error log, given by the server configuration directive ErrorLogFile, and make sure it says httpd: successful restart.

Alternatively, you may use the ps command to grep for the process id of the daemon.

If you ever need to terminate the server, use the following command:

kill `cat pidfile`

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